Cemex: 50mm Chelsea Avenue Setts in Autumn Hue, Burnt Elm and Charcoal. Alpha Antique Kerb in Charcoal. 50mm Readydrive in Burnt Ember, Charcoal, Red, Wheatmeal and Forest Blend. 60mm Wheatmeal.

Brett: 60mm Alpha in Autumn Gold & Silver Haze. 60mm Omega in Autumn Gold & Autunn Mix., Kerb System in Charcoal.

Stonemarket: 60mm Pavedrive in Brindle, Grey, Charcoal and Red.

Blockley: 50mm Clay Pavers in Hadley Red Brindle, Hadley Red, Charcoal.

Freshfield Lane: 65mm Clay Pavers Square Edge.

Pavestone: 60mm Sunset Rouge



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