CLS Untreated: Ex 50x75, Ex 50x100
Carcassing Treated: 19x38, 22x100, 22x150, 22x200, 25x38, 25x50, 38x50, 47x50, 47x75, 47x100, 47x125, 47x150, 47x175, 47x200, 47x225, 47x250, 75x100, 75x150, 75x200, 75x225.
Site Pegs: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm
Pre-Painted Cladding: Black or White.
Planed: Redwood Ex 16x38, 25x50, 25x75, 25x100, 25x125, 32x38, 32x115, 32x138, 32x150, 32x175, 38x225, 50x50, 50x75, 50x100, 50x150, 75x75, 75x100, 100x100. Whitewood Ex 22x150, 38x175. Unsorted Ex 25x150, 25x175, 25x200, 25x225.
Sawn Joinery: Unsorted 38x225, 50x225, 63x225, 75x225.
Range of Meranti PAR and American White Oak PAR.